Follow Your Dreams For Greater Happiness and Productivity

follow your dreams happiness well being stacey grewal

I was 17 years old. It was a moment I will never forget.

By that time, I had spent most of my life with English teachers who taught the same boring things they probably learned in school: how to write a poem, how to write a short story, how to write an essay. And the dreaded, how to write a book report.

Read the book I tell you to read, then barf up what you read onto the page. I don’t want to know if you actually liked the book, or if you thought the writing was any good. Just barf.

And then one day, when I was in my grade 11 Creative Writing class, the teacher said something I had never heard before.

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November Officially Declared “National Gratitude Month” Throughout the USA and Canada

november national gratitude month usa canada

It’s official! The people at National Day Calendar accepted my application.  The month of November – this and every year – is now officially declared  “National Gratitude Month” throughout the USA and Canada.

In celebration of National Gratitude Month I decided to host a “30 Day Global Gratitude Challenge”, starting November 1, 2015. It’s free to participate.  When you enroll, you will receive a new message every day straight to your email inbox giving you opportunity to practice gratitude in new and interesting ways.

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